Detroit Mass Mob Comes to Most Holy Trinity Detroit

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Please mark your calendars and plan on attending the Detroit Mass Mob XXVIII on Sunday November 20, 2016 at the 11:00 am Mass which will be at the historic Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, located at 1050 Porter St, Detroit, MI 48226.

Dating back to 1834, on Oct. 28, 1855 the cornerstone was laid for present church building. The church was designed in Gothic Revival style by Irish-born Patrick C. Keely.

Become a part of this wonderful effort to organizing a “Detroit Mass Mob” of church goers to show up at our city’s historic churches with a long term goal of renewing our heritage and coming back to help these churches stay open. This whole concept requires very little effort. You simply show up for a Mass (as announced) at a beautiful old historic church..

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