Baptism Guidlines

Southwest Vicariate Baptism Guidelines for Most Holy Trinity Church

Must be a practicing registered parishioner 6 months prior to the Baptism. Contact the Rectory.

In order to set a baptism date all requirements below must be completed.

  1. Families have to be registered, and/or practicing members of the parish for at least six months.
  2. Child presented at liturgy family regularly attends.
  3. Baptismal preparation classes mandatory

۰ Parents and Godparents attend preparation classes.

  1. Godparents should be practicing Catholic – they should have all of their

Sacraments (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, if married: Matrimony)

  1. Godparents should be “married in church” in order to participate in a Baptism
  2. Godparents have to be practicing catholic and must get a letter from their parish stating that they attend and participate there. The Godparents must be a couple not two men or two women
  3. Baptism fee of $50.00

Present a certified Birth Certificate


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